Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Final mock ups for Half Life cover...decisions, decisions

Hello fellow Junkies,

Okay, so the good news is these two mock ups are my final choices for the cover of Half Life. The watermarks are there because I haven't bought the rights to the picture from dreamstime.com yet as I haven't made up my mind yet. As I can't use Facebook for this and take a vote, we'll have to do it the ol' fashioned way. I'm leaning towards the second one just because for Half Truths I used a gun on the front cover.

What does everyone else think??


Monday, September 24, 2012

Another teaser

Hello fellow Junkies,
I'm so excited about the upcoming release of the third book in the Half Blood series that as I proofread and edit, I keep coming across these awesome quotes or scenes that I just have to share. Sabel has been the star for most of these teasers, but now for something a little different. I know everyone just loves Rhett, so here is one from him.

‘On your knees.’
‘I thought you agreed no weapons,’ Rhett gritted out, kneeling slowly in front of the other man.
Marcus smiled in a way the showed all his teeth. ‘I lied.’
Rhett placed his other knee down, his eyes unmoving from Marcus’s. ‘You’re a coward,’ he spat.
‘I might just be,’ Marcus leaned in close, ‘but I’ll be a breathing coward.’ He pulled back, pressing the barrel hard into Rhett’s head.

I'm doing my best to get the editing done by the end of this week, but I had to have a major overhaul of the final couple of chapters while have left me drained. With any luck, Half Truths will be available on Amazon.com by the end of next month. Keep watching this blog or the Facebook page for further details!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half Life is done

Hello fellow Junkies,

After 5 months and 4 days of writing, Half Life is pretty much finished! I still have to let it sit and stew for a while before starting the editing/proofing process, but with any luck that won't take too long at all. As it stands, I have written 91,000 words which is just a little shorter than the second book. Half Truths.

While it's resting, I've decided to write a novella  about Eirawen, the vampire queen, as some of you have had some questions about her and the Sicarii. It will give you her back story, why she hates all half bloods, and the creation of the Sicarii, including her relationship with Nox.

I think this story will be added to the end of Half Life as an extra bonus read. Yay for bonus reads!

If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask me, feel free to either post here on my blog, or go to http://www.facebook.com/authorlaurendawes and post of my author wall, or send me a private message of you prefer.